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What is the difference between facade stucco and interior stucco?

What is the difference between facade stucco and interior stucco | Blog A1-Restorations. When the stucco is tastefully selected, the building acquires a finished and refined look. That is why property owners take a responsible approach to the search for exquisite decorations. A huge range of facade and interior decor, created by the hands of talented masters of A1 Restorations studio, allows you to realize interesting ideas for decorating your home.

Interior stucco: key differences

Banquet halls of luxurious restaurants, rooms in luxury hotels, halls in exhibition galleries and museums – not the only sphere of application of interior moldings. Actual models of decor are appropriate in private mansions and apartments. There are in living spaces ceiling cornices, openwork rosettes for chandeliers, friezes, skirting boards. If the style allows – owners of “square meters” in metropolitan areas and in cozy sparsely populated cities place statues and sculptures at home.
Create jewelry from gypsum mixture for the following reasons:
Ecological friendliness
Raw materials are of natural origin, do not pose a threat to the health of adults and children.
– Easy care, possibility of personalization
As part of basic care, dirt and dust are removed from the surface. If desired, the workpiece can be gilded, painted with enamel, painted, tinted.
– Repairability
In case of damage, restoration can be done with your own hands, without the need for specialists.

Features of installation of facade decor

Features of facade decor

Sets the mood of urban areas not only the color and architectural style of buildings, but also stucco. Elements of exterior decoration perform two functions:
– Practical
It is possible to effectively mask cosmetic defects – joints and gaps, make the transitions between floors smooth, hide microcracks, roughness and unevenness of the coating.
– Decorative
Visual transformations are obvious – the facade acquires integrity and completeness, looks aesthetically pleasing and neat.

Decor for outdoor use is characterized by massive dimensions, increased resistance to the action of negative environmental factors (temperature fluctuations, UV rays, high humidity, strong wind). It is represented by the following positions:

relief high reliefs, bas-reliefs and panels with unique subjects;

rustics to create accents at corners;

pilasters, columns and semi-columns;

platbands for window openings;

elegant arches and frames for door groups;

fencing balustrades to improve comfort and safety of stairs, terraces, balconies, etc.

Products of this category are made of proven materials:

– Concrete
The mortar contains functional fillers and modifying additives in addition to standard cement. Finished products are strong, but heavy. Mounting is carried out on anchors, dowel nails and brackets.

– Styrofoam and polystyrene foam
Affordable price, light weight and quick installation – the reason for the popularity of stucco from polymers. It does not carry an additional load-bearing load, can fit into different styles – from modern to classic.

What do facade and interior decor have in common?

A1 Restorations studio creates stucco for interior and exterior decoration using similar technologies. Employees of the studio use approved formulas, have access to modern automated equipment. Each stage of production in the workshops is subjected to multi-stage internal control – it fully justifies the expectations of customers. Consultants help to choose the optimal configuration of decorations for facades and interiors of buildings, guided by the wishes of the client, and taking into account the announced limits of the budget.

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