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Use of plaster moldings in modern interiors

Use of plaster moldings in modern interiors | Blog A1-Restorations. Many people associate plaster molding decor with ancient times and excessive pathos, some even call this version of decoration outdated. But in fact, stucco has an attractive appearance, it can be a great addition to a house or apartment.
Properly selecting modern plaster decor can emphasize the individuality and special taste of the owner. Among the main advantages of using this material in a modern interior stand out:

Long service life. With proper handling, you can be sure of the durability of decorative elements.
Simplicity of repair. Any defects of gypsum stucco is easy to correct, it can also be painted, which allows you to change the style of design.
Environmental friendliness. The material is safe, it does not emit harmful substances, and is also able to normalize the microclimate of the room. In spring and fall, it absorbs excess moisture, and in winter it gives it away.
Fire resistance. Gypsum stucco is fire-resistant, which increases fire safety.
The material not only organically complements the interior, but also has excellent performance. It will be an excellent decorative element in any room.

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Types of decorative elements made of gypsum

Plaster stucco has been used for a long time, so the range of existing products is quite large. Available options are replenished with modern 3D-models and today the range looks as follows:

Columns and semi-columns. They are used to decorate walls, door and window openings, as well as arched passageways.
Moldings and arches. Suitable for framing mirrors, images and horizontal separation of walls.
Cornices. They are used to create hidden LED lighting and form a soft lighting in the room.
Brackets. Used as a support for shelves, sculptures, window sills.
Ceiling rosettes. They are used to decorate the central zone of the ceiling around the perimeter of the chandelier.
There are also small elements that can be combined into complete compositions. Popularly used and fireplace portals for the design of stoves, fireplaces, etc.

Styles and designs of stucco

Currently popular are plaster moldings made in classical, Romanesque and Gothic styles. Modern styles such as modern and eclectic are also popular. Opulent shapes and elements are out of fashion, but minimalistic, elegant stucco decor has popularity.
Recently, elements made of gypsum, painted in the color of stone, natural wood or metal are often used. Also has a demand for stucco made of gypsum white color, giving the room a special charm. Welcome in the interior stucco in the form of 3D-panels on the walls. Also often used plaster ceiling plinths and light cornices.

To plaster stucco for a long time had an attractive appearance and pleased owners with its excellent quality, it is important to choose a company that adheres to the standards of manufacturing materials. One such company is A1-Restorations Restoration Studio.

Restoration Studio A1-Restorations offers the manufacture of a variety of plaster moldings of high quality.There are products for every taste, there are options for decorating walls and ceilings, creating entire compositions. Specialists of the company will choose a plaster molding that will be an ideal addition to your interior.

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