List of services offered by restoration studio A1-Restorations in the Czech Republic, Germany and not only:

We perform restoration, preservation and recreation of:
– foundations, stone and brick masonry;
– facades;
– roofs, truss systems, roofing;
– metal structures and parts;
– wooden structures and details;
– decorative and artistic painting, plastering and stucco decoration;
– works of sculpture, monumental painting and mosaics, decorative and applied arts;
– historical landscape and works of gardening and park art.

Repair and restoration work on existing and newly identified cultural heritage sites is the process of returning historic buildings and structures to their original appearance that has been lost over time, has been distorted by later additions, or has been disturbed by unsuccessful restoration work.

Conservation of cultural heritage objects

We perform conservation of cultural heritage objects both when conservation is a temporary measure and when conservation is the main and only type of work.

Temporary conservation is applied to objects that are planned to be restored in the future, but they need to be preserved before the restoration works.

As the main type of work, conservation is carried out on monuments that must be preserved in their existing form due to major losses and destruction, as well as due to the lack of reliable information about their original appearance.

Due to the fact that the conservation of architectural structures in many cases must provide for the subsequent disclosure of the monument and the identification of valuable artistic elements before the work begins, as in the case of restoration, we conduct in-depth architectural-historical and bibliographic research.

The technology and rules of conservation provide for:

– installation of sheds;
– Strengthening of foundations and brickwork;
– reinforcement of all horizontal and vertical bearing structures;
– installation of temporary supporting structures;
– Strengthening of the structures taking up the spread;
– elimination of deformations;
– desalinization of masonry;
– measures to maintain temperature and humidity conditions;
– biological protection, etc.

Restoration of building facades

The main task of facade restoration is to preserve the unique artistic style, architectural and historical value of the building, in combination with improving its performance and extending the service life of the building.

Restoration of the facade of an architectural monument can be not only included in the general complex of restoration works, but can also be a separate order. But even in the case of restoration of only the facade of a building, the procedure remains the same as in the case of a complex restoration.

First, a historical, archival and bibliographic study is carried out to determine the type of façade to be restored. Then a physical examination of the building’s façade is carried out, which not only reveals all its defects and damages, but also the reasons why they occurred. All previous repairs are examined, for the materials used and any distortions that may have been made that need to be gotten rid of.

When working with facades, it is necessary to solve large-scale protective and decorative tasks with extremely careful interference in the appearance of the object being restored.

We perform the following types of facade work:
– cleaning of the facade and decorative elements;
– masonry restoration;
– caulking and sealing of joints and cracks;
– waterproofing, thermal insulation, soundproofing;
– restoration or replacement of window units and doors;
– replacement of gutters;
– finishing works (puttying, plastering, painting);
– restoration of decorative and artistic elements.