Custom-made stucco production in the Czech Republic and Germany

Custom-made stucco production in the Czech Republic | Blog A1-Restorations. Cooperation with Studio A1 Restorations brings together people who appreciate classic interiors. The studio not only sells gypsum stucco, but also manufactures limited batches of decor according to individual sketches. Exclusive products are used to decorate office spaces, cozy city apartments and luxurious mansions.

Custom-made stucco: a justified investment

The workshop employs professionals in their field. Experienced designers offer author’s projects and also perfect the sketches provided by the client. If there are no ready-made designs, you can send by e-mail a visualization in the form of a picture from the Internet or a favorite photo from an architectural magazine.

When the drawing is approved, talented sculptors create decor, following the requirements of technology. The cost and terms of production depend on the complexity and volume of the order. This format of interaction opens access to a number of advantages:

Quality Assurance

Studio A1 Restorations has the experience to realize both typical and unique projects at a decent level. The workshops are equipped with advanced equipment, there is a multi-stage internal control over all stages of production, and the company relies on modern eco-friendly raw materials with excellent performance properties.


Compared to the decorations from the construction hypermarket, which are released many thousands of copies, limited edition collections of stucco emphasize the status, indicate the presence of impeccable artistic taste.

Focusing on the interests of the customer audience

Every action of employees is aimed at maximum satisfaction of expectations and fulfillment of customers’ requests.

Information support

Detailed consultations are provided online and by phone or messenger.

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Focus on details: which nuances deserve special consideration

The following points need to be agreed upon before a contract can be concluded:

– Material of manufacture
Natural materials and modern polymers are prioritized. Predominantly customers choose gypsum, cement. We also work with foam plastic. Foamed raw materials are characterized by low weight, durability, are not afraid of fungus and easily cleaned from dust and dirt.

– Dimensions
Height, width and thickness are selected based on the area of the room, the tasks at hand. Sometimes stucco not only serves as a decoration, but also masks irregularities, cracks, roughness on the walls.

– Method of installation
Small samples are easily attached to the surface with adhesives and plaster mixtures. Fixation is strong and reliable – over time there is no shrinkage, divergence of seams. Other cosmetic defects do not appear. If a massive column or an impressive size of framing for the entrance group is made to order, self-tapping screws, anchors or dowel nails are required to reinforce the joints.

– Style
Popular as classical models with straight lines, correct geometry and laconic ornament, and molded products with fantasy motifs – voluminous curls, floral patterns.

– Possibility of refinement
The surface does not crumble or darken over time – the original aesthetics and gloss are preserved for years. But if desired, it is painted in bright or pastel colors, other methods of decoration are used:
painting, etc.
Also with the representatives of the workshop agree the formal aspects of the deal – stipulate the methods of delivery and payment options.

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