Features of installation of facade decor

Features of installation of facade decor | Blog A1-Restorations. The original architecture of the house, decorated with exquisite stucco, causes admiration. The building acquires unique features, stands out among the homotypical urban development. Relief elements visually separate the floors, emphasize the window openings and doors, mask cosmetic flaws. To keep the facade decor aesthetics and attractiveness for many years, it is necessary to competently approach the issue of installation.

Algorithm of actions for the installation of foam plastic stucco
Work on the object masters carry out at an air temperature above 5 degrees in this sequence:
-Surface preparation
The first thing to do is to inspect the walls for defects. It is necessary to eliminate irregularities, burrs and roughness, fill the cracks with putty. Inadmissible presence of efflorescence, areas with mold, mortar residue. All contaminants are cleaned. It is desirable to solve this task with the use of special chemicals and mechanical tools (grinders).
Stucco ordered in the studio A1-Restorations is delivered in a reliable package that prevents the appearance of chips, cracks and other damage during transportation. Elements need to be unpacked, and then sorted by purpose (brackets for balconies, framing of window openings and door group, columns, moldings, etc.). Then on the surface make a marking, carefully checking the correctness of the geometry.
According to the markings, the parts are fixed. This requires adhesive and dowel nails.
-Filling the joints
The formed joints and seams are filled with glue. After drying, the remnants are carefully cut with a knife (the average waiting time is 24 hours). Next, a small chamfer is cut along the seam, and it is processed with elastic finishing putty. This material will also be useful for masking holes with dowels. After 6-8 hours, the hardened putty is grouted.
Paint is applied in a thin layer on the primed surface. Optimal properties have silicone and acrylic enamels, which do not contain solvents. As tools will be useful brushes, rollers, paint sprayers.

Features of installation of facade decor

Secrets of flawless exterior design

There are several recommendations, following which will help to achieve perfect results:

If the decor has a large number of voluminous ornaments with protruding relief, then in the grooves after rain water accumulates. Gutters will provide protection against precipitation;

working at height requires scaffolding or heavy construction equipment;

old plaster on the facade is tapped to find voids – weak dilapidated places are removed and then the surface is leveled;

it is important to choose a special adhesive on the market, which will ensure a tight fit without gaps and strengthen the fixation with dowel nails;

with increased wind and snow loads, as well as with massive dimensions of stucco additionally need anchor fixing devices and embedded parts.

Common mistakes

Inexperienced builders who took to decorate the property with their own hands, often encounter problems. The price of mistakes made is great. Stucco quickly loses its appearance, is subject to destruction, crumbles. Other signs of poorly executed installation can also be observed:

-divergence of seams;
-lack of symmetry.

In the restoration studio A1-Restorations provide a service of installation of stucco on the facade. The company’s employees are guided by the requirements of technology, have invaluable practical experience, use modern and functional equipment. The ideas presented in the design project by the architect, professionals implement with jeweler’s precision.

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