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At A1-Restorations, we specialize in the preservation and restoration of historical and cultural heritage. Our professional services for the restoration of architectural monuments cover the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and we travel to other countries by agreement. We give new life to historical buildings and monuments, while carefully preserving their historical value and uniqueness.

Restoration of building facades

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We have been sculpting, decorating and restoring landmarks since 2014



Our specialization is Art


Contact us and appreciate the exceptional quality of our art restoration services. In our studio, we use the most modern technologies and innovative restoration methods, specially designed to preserve and revitalize the original beauty of each work of art. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our meticulous attention to detail and precision of execution. We understand the value and significance of each product, and our qualified restorers use their extensive knowledge and experience to ensure the highest quality of restoration.

Whether it’s a classic carved picture frame, a historical sculpture, a brick facade of a building or a modern installation, our team is ready to carry out a wide range of restoration projects for works of art. We specialize in both the restoration of traditional and contemporary art, ensuring that each piece, regardless of its age or style, receives the care and experience it deserves.

Our services include, but are not limited to, cleaning, repair and conservation of all types of works of art. Using the latest restoration technologies and techniques, we can effectively solve problems such as age-related wear, environmental damage or previous restoration work that violated the integrity of the work of art.

In addition to our restoration services, we also offer professional advice and recommendations on best practices for the maintenance and preservation of your valuable works of art. Our goal is not only to restore your art to its former glory, but also to provide recommendations on how to protect it for future generations.

Evaluate the quality with our services for the restoration of plaster stucco and decorative facades of buildings. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help preserve the legacy of your favorite works of art. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures that your architectural restoration experience will be second to none. Trust us and we will bring your valuable work of art back to life with precision, care and experience.

Experience in various regions of Europe

Our many years of experience in the restoration and preservation of historic properties across Europe have given us a unique approach and valuable experience. Whether we are restoring a medieval castle in the Czech Republic, a majestic church in Germany, a unique modernist building in Austria or a historic residence in Switzerland, we see every project as a chance to preserve a piece of history for future generations. Attention to detail and high quality workmanship We value and respect the historical value of every object we work on. Before we begin work, we conduct a detailed study of the building's history and analyze the materials from which it was built. This allows us to select the most appropriate methods and materials for restoration, ensuring high quality work.