Facade stucco in the Czech Republic from Studio A1

Framing of window openings with moldings

Framing of window openings with moldings | Blog A1-Restorations. Facade stucco in the Czech Republic is one of the most common techniques to give the exterior of a building an original look.  To realize your ideas, you will need applied moldings and ready-made solutions from Studio A1 Restorations. The products are created in a modern, well-equipped workshop by professionals who pay special attention to details.
The decor presented in the portfolio will surprise you with its undeniable aesthetics, visual appeal, and neatness of production. It meets strict environmental standards, is safe for human health, so it can be used in commercial, office and residential real estate without any risks.

Prefabricated frames: a combination of practicality and functionality

After manufacturing, ready-to-install compositions are suitable for square and rectangular openings, as well as for arched windows and bay windows. You just need to check the dimensions, choose the right option, and contact our manager.

After fixation on the wall surface stucco can be painted in the tone of the facade, or perform a contrasting expressive coloring enamel. The surface can also be patinated or painted. To give a glossy mirror shine, wax-based products are used, which not only improve the appearance, but also serve as a barrier against precipitation on rainy days.

facade stucco

Set ensembles

You can also frame the aperture with moldings, platbands, jambs. These are set parts of different widths and shapes, which are connected in a single composition without gaps and joints. They do not shrink when used outdoors, do not deform, so they are ideal for outdoor decoration of buildings.

Overlays can be made of concrete mixtures with the addition of reinforcing additives, as well as foam. In the first case, products are not afraid of the action of the environment, are characterized by excellent strength and performance characteristics – resistant to temperature fluctuations, the effect of humidity, severe frost. In the second case, the manufacturer uses a protective polymer layer, the application of which protects the structure of fragile materials from destruction.

Design Tips

Façade Stucco from Studio A1 Restorations is compatible with most architectural styles. To make the result look harmonious and coherent, you should take into account the recommendations of designers:

– The correctly selected form of framing is able to visually change the geometry of the aisle. Narrow apertures “acquire” additional width, square – “pull out”, become more graceful and refined.

– If the building is small it is worth abandoning flashy ornaments and complex textures in favor of smooth concise lines, uncomplicated drawings. They do not hide the space, emphasize the noble aristocracy of the facade.

– When the window box reveals small cracks, the overall appearance of the building loses its luster. That is why stucco is selected, which is able to camouflage these defects as well as possible.

Advantages of artistic window framing with facade moldings

In addition to the undeniable beauty, framing the window opening with stucco decoration has other advantages. Elements reduce the mechanical load on the glass units, makes the transition from the walls to the window smooth and imperceptible. Their installation takes minimum time and effort. Installers carefully seal the seams, if necessary, supplement the fixation with adhesive composition with fasteners – metal screws.

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