Parquet restoration in Europe

Parquet restoration in Europe – characteristics of quality work

Parquet restoration in Europe – characteristics of quality work | Blog. Restoration is a complex work to restore various objects, objects of monuments, which, in turn, may be historical or artistic values. So, for example, there is a restoration of parquet, works to restore the pristine condition of this floor covering. It is radically different from repair and is used if other methods are unacceptable.

High-quality restoration in Europe can be performed only by high-class specialists with extensive experience in such works, as well as having a good artistic taste. If the restoration is carried out by an inexperienced craftsman, the parquet can be irreparably damaged.

Restoration of parquet in the Czech Republic

Special attention in the process of parquet restoration is paid to preserving its historical value and appearance. The work often involves not only replacing damaged boards, but also restoring the pattern, color and texture of the wood. This requires not only skill, but also in-depth knowledge of the materials and technologies used in the past.

Having said that, modern technology and materials play a significant role in restoration. The use of innovative means and methods allows for a more durable and quality result, combining respect for tradition with the advantages of modernity. In this way, parquet restoration becomes an art that combines history and modernity.

The scope of work on parquet restoration with your own hands and its types, depending on the wear and damage, can be different. If only some areas of the floor are damaged, then, in this case, the parquet is replaced by copies. Copies are created in such a way that it is very difficult to distinguish them from the original.

In case of serious damage, sometimes a complete re-laying of the parquet is required with the insertion of replica sections. During restoration work, it is very difficult to find a wood material of the same species as the original floor material. In this case, simply select a material that matches a number of indicators with the original – pattern, color, physical characteristics. If you are guided in the selection of only the color, then the parquet will not live long. Softer wood species will quickly wear out and the floor will appear depressions, roughness and cracks.

Restoration of parquet in the Czech Republic or Germany, especially of panel and mosaic parquet, is not an easy task. But it can be done by specialists who know what they are doing. The work of parquet floor restoration is very thorough and labor-intensive, but the result is worth the effort. The floor will be as good as new and will please you for many years to come.

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